Real-Time communications

Solutions for the telecommunications industry

Adcon has been established by a group of people with extreme telecommunication background and has ever since continued to grow and diversify its interests based on real-time communication sector.

We are extremely experienced in providing products, solutions and services in the areas of both fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. Based on hundreds of already successfully accomplished projects we’re proud to call ourselves as true telecommunication experts.

We have provided projects and services for multitude of world largest mobile operators. Our solutions, or contributions of our services, have been delivered to hundreds of millions of active mobile users throughout the globe.

Our knowledge is based on following areas:

  • BSS part: mostly covering real-time rating, charging and billing services. Intelligent Network services (e.g. Prepaid service, VPN, NTS, …)
  • OSS part: supporting various network management systems
  • Core/Radio network: 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE support
  • Other: IMS delivery partner (e.g. SIP platform resource adapters and engine)

When creating or delivering our solutions/products we are delivering our expertise in following areas:

  • Telco Services/Applications: IN, CCS/OCS, rating/billing/charging, Messaging Gateways, IP dispatchers, load balancers, …
  • Telco protocols: SS7, MAP, INAP, Camel, …
  • Telco Database: HLR, VLR, Ticketing, Switch, …