Telco Platforms

Convergent charging

Convergent charging and billing platform is a solution in the telecommunications industry that enables common management of all users and all services for operators. It includes convergence of payment methods like prepaid and postpaid, as well as access methods and services like fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband and TV.


A number of motivations have been suggested to explain why mobile telecoms providers use convergent charging & billing. One is the ability to offer mobile service packages that include both prepaid and postpaid services. Another is a sustained drop in Operating Expenditure thanks to reduced billing system complexity, since operators run a single billing platform rather than multiple ones.

Convergent charging can greatly reduce revenue leakage, increase marketing flexibility for operators and create revenue growth. Telecommunications software provider Redknee has said that convergent billing allows operators to launch targeted promotions quickly and deliver an improved subscriber experience.


Convergent billing solutions provide real-time transaction capabilities and customer usage data to all groups within the service provider organization, enabling billing, marketing, pricing, customer care, IT and network departments to monetize the value of each subscriber transaction while personalizing and enhancing the subscriber experience.

A convergent billing solution from Redknee equips service providers with a solution that is:

  • Agile - designed to meet growing and changing needs of wireless, multi-play and cloud providers while delivering sophisticated features and supporting complex business models
  • End-to-end – a turnkey solution that addresses activation, provisioning, customer care, unified rating, messaging, real-time charging, billing and invoicing
  • Out of the box – organically designed and based on technology with more than 100 patents filed, truly convergent solutions mean low configuration is required so you can launch to the market faster
  • Flexible – enables the quick implementation of new real-time pricing structures for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers, and the ability to launch targeted, cross service bundles and promotions quickly
  • Valuable – supports new services, applications and business models while reducing fraud via real-time access to subscriber data
  • Partner Support – Open APIs support third party partnerships with built-in revenue share capabilities, including MVNO/MVNE arrangements

Over the years Adcon has collaborated with major convergent charging platform vendors like Redknee and OpenCloud, by extending their platform with new features and abilities and also by work on customer projects, providing end-to-end solution.

Adcon is a long-term supplier partner with Redknee, a Canadian telecommunications company that provides convergent charging solutions.

During many years of cooperation, Adcon was involved in different projects based on both Redknee IN@vantage platform and more recent products such as Redknee Unified.

IN@vantage platform supports all existing telco use cases which makes it flexible and usable in modern MNO environments.

It's a highly scalable system that offers online rating, tariffing, charging and billing in SS7 and IP networks. It handles session and event charging in SS7 networks as well as content, event, and session charging in IP networks.

The IN@vantage supports:

  • all kinds of voice and data services
  • all kinds of SS7 and IP, fixed and mobile networks
  • all payment types: on- and offline, prepaid and postpaid

IN@vantage Platform

The IN@vantage platform provides basic functions including network connectivity (i.e interfaces to SS7 and IP network elements), rating, charging, user interaction, ticketing, billing, and administration interfaces.

IN@vantage Adaptation Workbench

The Adaptation Workbench contains the Offer Manager (OM) that enables the Communication for Service Provider to create and modify offers and to administrate tariff data and charging profile data as well as application and system data, thus allowing quick and flexible responses to an ever changing market.

The OM is also provided in a stand-alone manner, i.e., not included in the AWB. The AWB also contains the FLES editor, used to create applications/services.

Redknee Unified

Redknee Unified introduces new and innovative ways to monetize next generation services in real time — no matter the type of service, customer or business model.

With its unique modular design and real-time charging, billing, policy and care capabilities, Unified enables service providers to monetize new revenue streams, launch new service and deliver a comprehensive customer experience.

OpenCloud solution

OpenCloud offers different software products for the telecom service layer based on JAIN architecture and is recognized leader in the field of converged SS7 and IP telecom service layer. OpenCloud's next-generation intelligent network (NGIN) signalling main products are:

  • Rhino Telecom Application Server – a JAIN SLEE Telecom Application Server
  • Rhino Service Interaction Server – a Telecom Service Broker
  • Rhino Sentinel – session control for real-time convergent charging systems

OpenCloud provides a range of professional services to support the delivery, commissioning and live system support of Rhino-based NGIN solutions.

Adcon engineers were participating in the development of several platform units and are currently capable to offer an OpenCloud solution for any market use case that is covered by the OpenCloud portfolio.