Mobile Virtual Network Operators

Virtual Telecom Operators

MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) are "virtual" operators that use MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) spare network capacity to provide a service to it's customers by targeting mobile market segments not covered by the MNO.

This can be a win-win situation for both MVNO and MNO as presented in few details below.

MVNO benefits:

  • Provide offers that the MNO has not covered
  • Get lower operational costs to enable lower pricing
  • Get access to services they don't have a regulatory license (exemplary MNO has a license for 2G but not 3G network)

MNO benefits:

  • Usage of unused network capacity
  • New revenue stream from core/service resale
There are several "levels" of MVNOs depending on the involvement of the MNO in the business process. We can distinguish four types:
  • Branded, provide only the brand name, MNO takes care of the rest
  • Light, includes back office operations and value-added services
  • Full, includes everything except network access
  • Enabler (MVNE), sits between MNO and MVNO and resells MNOs services to MVNOs
Our integration team has made successful experience for some of the worldwide first established MVNO’s highlighting following main aspects:
  • Setup and integration of backup and restore solution system
  • Setup and integration of the voucher management system
  • Full integration of the online charging server (OCS)