Inventory Management Systems

All in one inventory manager

This is a comprehensive network documentation system enabling a convenient and efficient operation of telecommunication network infrastructure.

Based on its complete and reliable database, it provides integrated end-to-end network views: of physical, logical and service layers, and on different hierarchy levels, also geographically correct GIS views.

In addition to classic inventory management, it offers essential support for service configuration, troubleshooting and network planning as well as for resource and capacity management. This speeds up processes for circuit design, network rollout and service delivery.

It provides the basis for a core data structure holding all information on the network, for all network technologies and with interfaces to a number of NMS, EMS as well as OSS and BSS systems.

To guarantee an integrated view of all physical and logical network information, the solution uses a multidimensional network resources model. The data model supports all network technologies, while allowing the company to expand the system to support new technologies at any time.

Customized easily for new device types, service types and network technologies. In addition to traditional technical information, the application manages all types of operator-relevant information such as information about vendors, orders, contracts, locations, topologies, contacts and organizations.

Scalable and contains flexible interfaces for fast and cost-efficient integration in all kinds of system environments.