Messaging Gateway Service Platform

Messaging Gateway Service Platform (MGSP) is a feature-rich multi-tiered high-performance platform which provides managed two way communication.

MGSP key features

  • Address book used to administer contacts and prepare them for dispatch
  • Single message delivery function for sending SMS or MMS to individual telephone numbers with option to plan and save the dispatch up to one month in advance
  • Bulk message delivery is the unique dispatch to a list of numbers
  • Messaging Campaigning (e-mail, SMS, MMS, USSD, …)
  • Single or a multi-stage SMS competition
  • Create and manage SMS and MMS templates
  • Rich messaging (e.g. SMS) reports and KPIs for each customer and their services, providing option to choose between daily/weekly/monthly or custom date interval
  • Wide variety of supported services like HTTP2SMS which allows users to send/receive various types of messages via a simple HTTP based interface, FTP2SMS, EMAIL2SMS and more...
  • USSD Phase2 supported services
  • DTMF based menu guidance