Leading Edge Monetization of Utility Services

The utility and particularly the energy sector is subject to nothing less of a revolution in all countries for very different reasons: Climate change, pollution, green energy, distributed and fluctuating generation, capacity shortages, transmission network and storage limitations, market deregulation and new regulatory demands, increasing cost pressures on utilities, and bad customer perception encouraging theft of basic services.

Many of those challenges will be addressed by smart grid and smart metering rollout, but this is not sufficient.

Few consistent approaches present solutions to problems such as:

  • Customer communication and customer management during the revolutionary transition from classic metering and billing to smart grid, smart metering and smart pricing of services.
  • Demand management to avoid network-side investment into storage elements
  • Integrated management and customer motivation to reduce non-technical losses

No need to mention that such solutions have to comply with increasing regulatory requirements and the key issue of security and privacy.

Utility companies are hard pressed to answer new market demands.

Adcon is deriving its competencies from its vast experience and knowledge within telecommunication sector and reshaping them towards solutions suitable to energy sector. Our solutions and vision are based on:

  • real-time communication
  • cross vendor integration
  • M2M communication
  • flexible rating/charging scenarios
  • B2C content

We are extremely proud to be a part of this extremely dynamic and perspective market change.