About us

Adcon d.o.o.

Established in May 2010 with it's main purpose to deliver services and products for telecommunications business sector. Since it's foundation Adcon d.o.o. has grown to establish itself as flexible, reliable and understanding partner to it's ever-growing international partner network. Among others, Adcon d.o.o. has started using it's extensive telecommunications know-how to deliver real-time, highly available and interoperable systems to other business areas which have overlapping interests in area of IT solutions (e.g. energy providers, bank portfolio... …).

Main business principles:

  • When it comes to quality of our services or products we leave no stone unturned in order to provide highest possible quality towards our clients and partners. It is not only important to deliver the project, it is vital to deliver it in a job well-done, first time manner as well.
  • Adcon is based on numerous specialists emerging from world's largest companies. We continue to drive our knowledge and experience to highest peaks in order to bring our customers full understanding of their requirements and ability to drive them towards the common goal.
  • We have, and always will, preserve the flexibility corresponding to small company. No problem or request is too small. Thankful to our partnership with large companies and vendors no problem or request is too big either.
  • Returning customer is the only acceptable business plan. All actions and deliveries are taking into account to give our partners/clients reason to see our benefits and supply them with enough reason to come back to us continuously.